List of Diplomatic Missions in Guinea-Bissau

15 Diplomatic mission locations 1 cities

This list of diplomatic missions in Guinea-Bissau is made up of 15 foreign embassies and consulates from 15 countries around the world, which are mainly located in nd Bissau.

Map of foreign diplomatic missions in Guinea-Bissau

Frequently asked questions, answered

1 - Which Guinea-Bissau city has the most diplomatic missions?

Bissau is home to 8 foreign diplomatic missions, more than any other cities in Guinea-Bissau.

2 - Which country has the most embassies and consulates in Guinea-Bissau?

At present, Angola has 1 embassy and 0 consulates/consulate-general in Guinea-Bissau, making it the country with most diplomatic representations in Guinea-Bissau.

3 - How many foreign embassies and consulates are there in Guinea-Bissau?

As of 2020, there are 5 embassies, 1 consulates and 2 other diplomatic representations in Guinea-Bissau.

4 - How many foreign embassies are there in Bissau?

The capital city of Bissau hosts about 8 foreign embassies and high commissions.